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"Tod Motor"

"Mot Mot"

"Red Hot Truck Stop"

"Good Food"

"Steamed Heat"

"Chief Hotel"

"Blue Star Motel"

"Star Motel"

"Pie Man"

"Fine Food"

"Rustic Diner"

"Rio Vista"

"Moulin Rouge"

"New Girls"


"Glitter Gulch"


"Milk Man"

Neon Nite and Day 
Neon is like eye candy to me; I have always been attracted to the nostalgic quality that vintage signs possess. The fact that their existence is temporary, or that they are lingering on with just a few bulbs lit, makes them more special, more human, than a brand new beaming sign.  As we enter a new millennium, not all of these signs and places are still around, though many of these neon signs have been shining since the mid-1900s - more than 50 years. I hope you enjoy these images from yesterday, today and, hopefully, tomorrow.

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